How to use

The use of Actifine® is easy. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service team by email at

How many Actifine® capsules should I take?

Take one capsule once daily (1x) without chewing, with one large glass of water.

When should I take the capsule?

Take it approximately 15 to 30 minutes before or directly during a meal (lunch or dinner).

What if I’m unable to swallow a capsule?

You can open the capsule and mix its contents with water to drink it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot to take my dose, should I take double now?

If you have forgotten to take your dose once, please do not take double the amount for the next dose.

How to achieve the best weight loss results? *

The best weight loss results are achieved through the combination of our healthy and natural ingredients: Berberine (fat burner) and Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppressant). Berberine, taken before meals, significantly reduces appetite. It’s the combination of these two complementary products, specifically created to excel in their respective functions, that allows you to achieve effective and lasting results.

I am pregnant/ I am breastfeeding. can I take Actifine®?

We advise against taking the capsules if you are pregnant or have just become a mother.

From what age are the capsules suitable for?

The capsules are suitable for both women and men aged 18 and older.

Is Actifine vegan?

Yes: 100% vegan! This topic is particularly important to us. No animals, animal by-products, or derivatives are used in the design, manufacturing, or testing of our capsules. All our formulas are plant-based. Whether it’s the ingredients, the capsule shell (made from pullulan), or the excipients and anti-caking agents used (for example, bamboo powder), everything is 100% vegan.

How many capsules in a Actifine® box?

Each Actifine® box contains 30 capsules. This corresponds to one month of use (1 capsules per day).

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