Composed of particularly effective natural ingredients to conquer excess weight.

Composition and nutritional information

Actifine® is backed by extensive scientific research and development. Our team of experts has carefully formulated this supplement to ensure it is both safe and effective. Its unique blend works synergistically to boost your metabolism, curb cravings, and enhance fat burning.

OGM Free

Composed of not genetically modified organisms.

Gluten Free

Suitable for individuals with celiac disease or with gluten sensitivity.

Paraben Free

Free from unwanted additives.

100% Vegan

Entirely free from animal-derived ingredients.

Carefully selected

The Science Behind Our Success: 6 Effective Natural Ingredients

Well-known for years for their effectiveness, the slimming properties specific to each of our active ingredients have been the subject of rigorous scientific studies.

Garcinia Cambogia

Contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is believed to suppress appetite and inhibit fat storage.


Known for its potential to regulate blood sugar levels and control appetite, which can support weight loss efforts.


An essential amino acid that may help preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss.


Supports collagen production, which can aid in maintaining skin elasticity during weight loss.


Improves blood flow and metabolism, potentially contributing to weight management.


Supports the transportation of fatty acids into cells, aiding in the conversion of fat into energy.

Amount per daily intake of 1 capsule a day.


The composition of Actifine® refers to the ingredients and components contained within a capsule. Actifine® is formulated to provide the right amino acids and bioactive substances that may be lacking in your diet to support weight-loss.

L-Carnitin [1]50mg
L-Arginin [2]50mg
Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract [3]50mg
Berberine™ [4]50mg
L-Leucin [5]75mg
L-Prolin [6]75mg
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